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"What difference do you make?" is a challenging question to answer for philanthropy support organizations (PSOs). Assessing the impact of this field is complex because much of the support is not always tangible as it often relates to processes and relationships. Positive results also often appear on the long term and can hardly be directly attributed to one single actor or initiative. As a result much of this invisible work is undervalued and our field lacks references to improve its own impact.

WINGS started gathering concrete examples of achievements from the field. This document provides a synthesis of a first series of 8 impact stories shared by our members and which illustrate the diversity and importance of their contribution to the development of philanthropy. The cases are presented following the 4Cs assessment framework: capacity, capability, connection, and credibility- with all their respectively outcome areas- were applied to highlight key achievements presented by each case.

These cases were initially selected for and presented at WINGS International Meeting for Funders of Infrastructure in Barcelona in March 2018.