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This report assesses the scale and character of foundation funding for the health and well-being of LGBTQ communities. Drawing on the data collected for annual tracking reports on LGBTQ funding, we find that domestic foundation funding for LGBTQ health totaled $50.4 million for 2011 - 2013. Considering the magnitude of the health disparities facing LGBTQ communities, this is a fairly modest amount -- and it is highly dependent on a small set of dedicated funders. When it comes to LGBTQ health, we face daunting challenges, but we also have impressive assets to build on. As a community and as a movement, we have time and again demonstrated our ability to come together to support one another, to advocate for ourselves, and to build lasting institutions. Across the country, there are hundreds of LGBTQ community centers, health centers, and HIV/AIDS service agencies, and other community groups advancing LGBTQ health. There are also a growing number of non-LGBTQ-focused institutions -- from hospitals to research centers -- seeking to improve their competence, expertise, and effectiveness in working with LGBTQ communities.