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As part of its mandate to strengthen the legal, fiscal and operational infrastructure of the third sector, TUSEV (Third Sector Foundation of Turkey) conducted two important studies which examine the motivations and patterns of philanthropy and participation, and challenges facing foundations and associations: "Philanthropy in Turkey: Citizens, Foundations and the Pursuit of Social Justice" and "An Era of Transition: Civil Society Index Turkey Country Report." The aim of these studies was to assess the current landscape, and spark informed discussions among different segments of society about the future of philanthropy, civic engagement and social change in Turkey. Among a myriad of findings, the key themes found to be most prominent were broadening philanthropic and civic engagement of individuals, and strengthening organizations in pursuit of social change and development. This publication extracts findings from these two comprehensive studies and examines these two themes of individual participation and civil society organizations from a multitude of perspectives in an attempt to identify key challenges and opportunities for promoting social change and development in Turkey.