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During 2001, WINGS-CF worked to develop a set of case studies describing the various forms of organizations supporting community foundations. From February to October, a WINGS-CF working group, UK-based consultant Diana Leat, and eight very different regional and national organizations assisting the development of community foundations in very different parts of the world, worked together to profile their organizations. The result is an overview, describing the key trends and lessons learned from the case studies, as well as eight individual profiles. The first section of each case study provides general background on the organization's structure,resources and activities, its involvement in community foundation development, and a picture of the environment of the region or country in which it is operating. The second section of each case study provides greater detail on an aspect of the organization, such as staffing, services for community foundations, or financial sustainability. The eight organizations included in the case study project between them illustrate the various forms of organizations supporting community foundations, capture regional/country differences, and describe organizations at different stages of development. The case studies are intended primarily to help strengthen WINGS-CF organizations in their work.They are also intended to be used as a partner piece with Volume 1 in this series, "Case Studies ofGrantmaker Associations Around the World".