• Description

Philanthropication through Privatization is an activity that offers a way to reverse the upside-down effects of privatization by placing permanent assets in private charitable institutions dedicated to improving the quality of life of citizens, particularly those most directly affected by privatization. In the process, it can reduce opposition to legitimate privatization transactions by ensuring citizens they will share in the benefits that can flow from the sale of assets that are their birthright or the product of their sweat and toil. Properly designed and executed, PtP can revolutionize the charitable landscape of countries while transforming privatization into a win-win process for citizens, governments, and investors alike. The present report offers the first systematic look at what turns out to be a sizeable global process of social wealth creation that has already contributed to the establishment or enlargement of significant philanthropic institutions endowed with billions of dollars of assets and dedicated to a variety of social, economic, developmental, and environmental objectives. With a new wave of privatization activity now under way, and efforts to generate charitable resources to support civil society and social purposes going starved for funds, it is imperative that this option be better appreciated and understood. And that is precisely what this report seeks to accomplish.