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Civil society organizations (CSOs) are at the heart of Turkey's democratization process. Today there are more than 109,000 associations and 5,075 new foundations (established after the Republic) operating along with many informal organizations such as platforms, initiatives, and groups.

Despite the importance of donations for the financial sustainability of CSOs, results of the "Individual Giving and Philanthropy in Turkey" (Report) conducted in 2015 in 68 of Turkey's 81 provinces with the participation of 2,495 respondents, show that giving through CSOs in Turkey is low. Also, compared to an earlier study conducted in 2004 and published by TUSEV in 2006, "Philanthropy in Turkey: Citizens, Foundations, and Pursuit of Social Justice" there has been a marked decrease in donations made to CSOs (from 18.4% in 2004 to 12.9% in 2015) in the past decade.