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Now in its seventh edition, the India philanthropy report 2017 is a collaborative effort by Dasra and Bain. In addition to highlighting the quantum of funds channeled to the development sector in India and trends in giving, this year's report goes beyond and focuses on the evolving approaches that givers are adopting to maximize their philanthropic impact. While there is no defined route to becoming an evolved giver, there are various pathways one can choose from to be more effective in their philanthropy. In this report, Dasra and Bain define a framework that outlines the donor journey, provides insight into the various pathways and stages of giving and demonstrates what philanthropists can do beyond increasing the amounts of giving to be more effective. It also showcases a broad segmentation of giving approaches, highlights some common challenges givers continue to face and presents a few practical tips to overcome them. In addition, it illustrates case studies of various philanthropists including Rati Forbes, Amit and Archana Chandra, and Hemendra Kothari, who have traversed various parts of this journey.