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The International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change is a call to all foundations, regardless of their mission, status and geographic location to act on the climate emergency. Signatories to the International Commitment pledge to take action under the seven pillars of the Commitment. 

This Implementation Guide outlines suggested actions against each of the seven pillars of the International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change. This Guide is designed to inspire and support foundation signatories as they embark on their own journey of change. If your foundation is not yet signed up to the International Commitment but considering doing so, this Guide will give you a clearer idea of the type of actions that foundations can take to implement the International Commitment.

Find the implementation guide in:

  • Arabic: https://wings.issuelab.org/resource/international-philanthropy-commitment-on-climate-change-dlyl-ltnfythy.html
  • Indonesian: https://wings.issuelab.org/resource/international-philanthropy-commitment-on-climate-change-panduan-pelaksanaan-indonesian-bahasa.html
  • Portuguese: https://wings.issuelab.org/resource/international-philanthropy-commitment-on-climate-change-guia-de-implementacao.html
  • Spanish: https://wings.issuelab.org/resource/international-philanthropy-commitment-on-climate-change-guia-de-implementacion.html