• Description

This report is a summary of the global roundtable discussions facilitated in 2015 and 2016 to determine what levels of ecosystem support are needed for invention-based businesses to promote environmental sustainability. The majority of the research presented in this report was collected from the aforementioned roundtable discussions held in South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, and India. In total,163 practitioners from 122 organizations attended the roundtables. After documenting and analyzing the preliminary research phase that included stakeholder interviews and discussions from the roundtables, several key findings surfaced on the challenges and opportunities in the various ecosystems that prevent or enable green inventors from achieving financial and environmental sustainability. The findings in this study are presented by category (capacity development, finance, policy, and metrics) within the aforementioned framework and were observed in light of each participating country's context. A multi-dimensional approach to presenting these findings was employed due to the various levels of SGB participation in environmental sustainability. To explain, some countries in the roundtable discussions had more SGBs with environmental sustainability components, i.e., production processes, than others due to a variety of factors that are explored in this report. Therefore, our approach in presenting these findings incorporated the opportunities and challenges of SGBs who already have environmental sustainability components, as well as those who are still exploring the concept.