How to Build the Philanthropy Support Ecosystem (PSE) Working it out Together: Engaging Philanthropy Actors in Mapping and Strengthening their own Ecosystem

Sep 08, 2021
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This document offers a step-by-step guide on how to build the PSE. A four-stage process is suggested to map the PSE:1. Develop a team of people to undertake the work and to set objectives.2. Adapt the method to local circumstances by assembling key reports and talking to people with a good knowledge of the sector.3. Map the organisations and functions of the PSE and assess the relationships between them.4. Develop the vision for the PSE and decide on practical measures on how to pursue it.

This should be treated as an outline guide to be used creatively, depending on local context. The process will depend on the resources available, which include time as well as money. This should be seen as a creative and organic process of development, rather than a fixed and mechanical project. The guide gives an organisational framework, as compared to a blueprint.