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Philanthropy in New Zealand has a long and proud history, and continues to play an important role in creating opportunities within our society which would not exist but for the on?going generosity of organisations, trusts, foundations, families and individuals. Yet while we have this long tradition, this is the first national survey specifically designed to shed light on current New Zealand grantmaking practice. The New Zealand Grantmaker Practices Survey was undertaken in August and September of 2013, and asked respondents to consider in detail their grantmaking practices over the three years, 2011?2013. The data generated by respondents of this survey provides an important datum line regarding the New Zealand philanthropic grantmaking sector, and while interesting and useful in its own right, will be seen as even more valuable in future years when we will have the ability to compare the 2013 data to subsequent surveys. As such, this is the first of what is hoped to be a long succession of New Zealand national grantmaking practice surveys, which will help all with an interest in philanthropy better understand the challenges, opportunities and future potential of this essential aspect of our society and national culture.