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For the past 10 years, WINGS Global Status Report on Community Foundations has tracked the development of community foundation worldwide, serving as a key reference for the field. While community foundations themselves refer to these reports for sound information, it has also been a useful resource to foundations, donors, researchers, and others interested in the field. The 2012 update will continue with this tradition, following developments in the community foundation sector, which now counts with new important actors. To this end, we focused on the role of support organisations and key developments in the field. We explored new issues and collected data for the analysis of three main themes: the role of support organisations, significant trends, and issues to address. We are also portraying four initiatives from both organisations already included in the 2010 report and new ones. This is just the beginning of a major, and much needed, discussion to be addressed in a broader report in 2014. Recent changes in the community foundation field demand a more complex debate about how it is understood and its definitions for a truly global profile to be done.