• Description

This report seeks to develop a knowledge base to address the size, scope, and practice of institutional philanthropy across the globe. This inaugural report represents a first step in an attempt to understand worldwide philanthropic practices and trends; provide comparative analysis across countries and regions; begin to develop a picture of the magnitude of global philanthropic investment; and help create an evidence-based discussion on global philanthropy.

This report explores organizations that provide philanthropic assets to advance the public good. These organizations are generally referred to as "public benefit foundations" in Europe and "private foundations" in the United States. In other countries and regions they are loosely referred to as "philanthropic institutions" or "foundations." The report comprises four sections.

  • Section I provides an overview of institutional philanthropy around the world, including initial perspectives on its scale, age, and classification.
  • Section II provides available information on foundation finances, including assets, endowments, and expenditures.
  • Section III examines foundations' priorities and purposes.
  • Section IV considers operating models and strategies including social investment mechanisms, governance, human resources, and impact assessment strategies.