• Description

Whether you are part of a family foundation that runs its own programmes, a big corporate grantmaker, a small venture philanthropist, an NGO that re-grants resources from a back-donor, or a mix of any of the above, exits are inevitable. Funders move on, and relationships with grantees, partners, or investees change along the way. Exit decisions and strategies are complicated; while a diversity of experiences has not (yet) produced blueprints for smart exits, we've pulled our favourite practices. Highlights

  • Nine helpful techniques
  • Practice example: Timelines and core funding
  • Practice example: How operational foundations end programmes
  • Handing over a brand
  • Finding opportunity in crisis
  • Learning from spend-out foundations
  • Four thought-provoking cartoons
  • An annotated bibliography on Exits, Transitions, and Moving On
What's in the Guide?
  • Natural life cycles
  • Entering to exit
  • Deciding to leave
  • Being supportive
  • Managing transformation
  • Communication: An essential ingredient
  • After the exit
  • Nine helpful practices - a summary of the ingredients for a good exit

Foundations Moving On: Ending Programmes and Funding Relationships