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The role of global philanthropy can be truly transformational in getting the best for humanity. Across the world, families and private individuals are working to tackle today's social problems, and their impact is deepening as effective strategies and approaches are implemented and shared. The CAF Foundation School is at the very heart of our mission to encourage and support effective giving and maximise its impact on society. We work to encourage and influence strategic giving, supporting in particular those who are new to philanthropy or operating in emerging markets. We understand the power of cross-cultural collaboration, and that learning from the experiences of others and advice from experts can help philanthropists to find the best ways to solve root causes of problems. We therefore focus a significant amount of work on building programmes to educate and inspire donors. As part of our focus on donor education, we hold the CAF Foundation School every year. Participants, experts and academics join us from across the world; from South America to South East Asia, bringing a rich variety of contexts, challenges, experiences and lessons to share. We aim to ensure that each participant leaves the school with a clear view of how to approach their own philanthropy, and its success can be clearly seen in the achievements of our alumni.