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WINGS and the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) present this tool, designed to help philanthropy organizations decide where it may be most effective to engage in efforts to improve the legal environment at the national and/or regional levels. It aims to help organizations think critically about a variety of relevant factors and weigh different considerations in the process of engaging in specific strategies. This tool seeks to lay out the most important considerations and guide organizations to analyze them both individually and in relation with each other. The main PDF (below) provides the content and concrete examples of how to use the tool, which is divided into three parts.

To download the following templates, copy and paste each link in your browser. 

Part 1: seeks to help you gather the information you need to understand issues with the legal environment, how they affect civil society (including philanthropy organizations), the key players, and different factors to consider when deciding whether to engage.  Download the template:

Part 2: asks you to map the issues that civil society is facing based on the priority in addressing them, as well as how long it will take to resolve the issue and the complexity of the required solution. This can help you see where there might be relatively easily attainable successes and where you may have to prepare for a longer-term engagement that will require more resources. Download the template: 

Part 3: seeks to help you identify where there are allies who could support your work and potential openings to reach decisionmakers. It guides you to assess the strength of the opportunity for engagement based on these factors. Download the template:

This tool was designed based on two online capacity building sessions led by ICNL. Watch the 1st and the 2nd Online Sessions available on YouTube: and

Download the presentation shared during the 1st Online Training:

The main PDF (below) provides the content and concrete examples of how to use the tool.