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Charity in Times of Coronavirus

June 11, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic, in particular the strict lockdown, has affected every area of life in Ukraine. The charity is no exception. Did the charity stop during this period? Have charitable donations decreased? Who receives less help today, and who, on the contrary, benefits from increased help? Should we expect a reduction in the number of charitable initiatives when the lockdown is over?The nature and scale of the pandemic's impact on charity are best illustrated by the findings of a social survey initiated by Zagoriy Foundation within its Promoting the Culture of Charitable Giving in Ukraine program and conducted by the research company Socioinform in May this year. Representatives of 20 charitable organizations from all over Ukraine shared their thoughts on the changes taking place in charity and how their organizations feel through times of crisis.

Cultures of Giving; Europe

Charitable Giving as Viewed by Ukrainians

November 30, 2019

The present report gives an overall analysis of charitable giving in Ukraine explaining the key trends and revealing bottlenecks as well as opportunities for potential growth. The research findings help understand how Ukrainians feel about charitable giving in general and charitable foundations in particular, and what practices appear to be the most successful these days. The report will reveal what drives Ukrainians in supporting others, what obstacles to participation in charitable giving are there, who requires help the most and what groups of people are mostly likely to receive support and how support is provided. The present research will enable charitable organisations to improve their working practices and gain trust and support to implement quality changes in the culture of giving in Ukraine.

Cultures of Giving; Europe

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