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The State of Philanthropy In Tanzania 2018 Report

July 1, 2018

This is a summary report of key findings, conclusions and recommendations of the State of Philanthropy in Tanzania carried out between February and April 2018.The study was commissioned by Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) together with the Tanzania Philanthropy Forum (TPF), and facilitated by Strategic Connections Ltd.The overall purpose of the study was to generate data and information on the state of philanthropy in Tanzania. FCS and TPF wishes to use the study outcomes to share learning across the philanthropy sector, stimulate joint advocacy among key philanthropy actors, as well as a to guide further development of the philanthropic sector.

Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure; Sub-Saharan Africa

Grantee Feedback Report 2009

January 1, 2009

This report presents a summary of what 174 grant recipients (out of a total of 305 surveyed) of the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) say about their experience of FCS as a grantmaker. In 2008, a group of eight East African grantmakers contracted Keystone to conduct a comparative survey of all their current grantees. The same survey instrument was simultaneously administered to the grantees of seven other East African grantmakers.This report presents the responses of the FCS grantees alongside the responses of the grantees of the other grantmakers in the group. FCS is thus able to compare the feedback it received from its grantees with how all the grantmakers were rated by their grantees. This makes it easier to identify areas of relatively strong and weak performance, and pinpoint potential areas for improvement for each individual grantmaker and across the entire field of grantmaking in East Africa. Grantee responses are grouped into six separate sections, each describing a key area of grantmaking practice:Nature of fundingApplication processMonitoring, reporting and evaluationRelationship during the grant periodNon-financial supportGrantmaker's knowledge and influence

Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy

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