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Report on the State of Slovak Foundations: 2004 Data Analysis

October 1, 2005

This report on the state of Slovak foundations for 2004 provides objective, transparent and relevant information on the state and composition of Slovak foundation sector in 2004. The report was compiled on the basis of data recorded in the Register of Foundations administered by the Slovak Ministry of Interior as well as data stated in foundations' annual reports for 2004 delivered to the Slovak Ministry of Interior. According to this data there were 294 foundations in Slovakia, including corporate foundations, community foundations, and other foundations.

Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy

Donors' Forum Code of Ethics

January 1, 2005

Members of the Donors' Forum hereby call on other donors to adhere to this Code of Ethics and to respect it to the extent permitted by their individual conditions, as well as by their way of operation and functioning, and thereby to contribute to the enhancement of the culture of giving, openness and transparency of the whole not-for-profit sector in the Slovak Republic.

Cultures of Giving; Transparency and accountability

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