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What the Pandemic Told Us About Giving

June 16, 2021

Based on a phenomenological investigation, this article seeks to illuminate the nature of the changes that have occurred in the Brazilian culture of giving ignited by the mobilization consequent to the impacts of Covid-19, as well as its patterns or permanence. This text seeks to portray part of the cultural movement of giving, so that the reader can see some of the essential features of the explored phenomenon (HOLDREDGE, 2005), reflecting and constructing their own images. The year 2020 was marked by a reflex-giving, however, its experimentation by many, hitherto non-donors, added to a deeper reflection on how it happens and what is generated by the way it is done. It has the potential to bring about significant changes for the years to come. 

Cultures of Giving; Latin America and the Caribbean

For a More Giving Brazil, Always

August 26, 2020

How to promote the culture of giving in Brazil? How to engage new players and organize an ecosystem towards a collective effort for the cause? These are the questions the members of the Movement for a Culture of Giving (Movimento por uma Cultura de Doação) have asked themselves, and which have inspired the launch of the Task Force that has prepared these Guidelines. As the result of a carefully conducted listening and research process, this document provides indications on the pathways that seem to be key for everyone who wishes to foster a stronger and more qualified culture of giving in Brazil.

Cultures of Giving; Latin America and the Caribbean

Por um Brasil + Doador, Sempre

August 26, 2020

Como promover a cultura de doação no Brasil? Como engajar novos atores e articular este ecossistema para um esforço coletivo por esta causa? Essas são as perguntas que movem o Movimento por uma Cultura de Doação e que inspiraram a criação da Força Tarefa, berço deste Documento de Diretrizes. Após estudos e escutas, foi possível entender o panorama de doação no país e indicar caminhos fundamentais para uma cultura de doação ainda mais forte e qualificada.

Cultures of Giving; Latin America and the Caribbean

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