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Financing for Social Impact – The Key Role of Tailored Financing and Hybrid Finance

November 1, 2017

How can venture philanthropy organisations, social investors and impact investors, improve the way they allocate resources to their investees?To answer this question the EVPA Knowledge Centre embarked on a nine-month journey with a group of over 30 experts. The result is the new EVPA report "Financing for Social Impact – The Key Role of Tailored Financing and Hybrid Finance", launched at the EVPA Annual Conference in Oslo on 9 November 2017. This new piece of research looks at how funding can be shaped in a way that meets the financial needs of the social purpose organisation (SPO) and at how different actors can collaborate in the VP/SI space to bring more resources to SPOs. EVPA has developed a three-step process to help VP/SI organisations find the most suitable financial instrument to support a SPO. The process is known as tailored financing and it is addressed in the first part of the report.The report also focuses on hybrid finance, which is defined as the allocation of financial resources to impact-oriented investments, combining different types of financial instruments and different types of risk/return/impact profiles of capital providers.One of the main conclusions of the report is that tailored financing and hybrid finance promote a more efficient and effective deployment of resources in the VP/SI space. They can represent a way to solve the existing funding gap that prevents SPOs from gaining access to the capital needed for achieving self-sustainability and for scaling.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

The State of Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment (VP/SI) in Europe: The EVPA Survey 2015/2016

November 3, 2016

Five years of data has allowed us to analyse interesting trends and evolutions in the VP/SI sector. Below we highlight the most striking ones:* Overall growth for the sector, 108 organisations allocated €6.5 billion between them since they began their operations, a 30% increase compared to Fiscal Year (FY) 2013. * Budgets remained stable. * The surveyed organisations invested an average of €7.8 million through VP/SI activities.* There is a sharp rise in co-investment between peers since FY 2013. 63% of respondents have co-invested in the past and 19% said they are interested in doing so, even if they have not co-invested yet. Of the respondents that answered both this and the last survey, the organisations that have co-invested increased from 69% to 80%. * Over FY 2015 a number of smaller players (with budgets under €2.5million) have entered the space. * VP/SI organisations have no shortage in investment opportunities and are improving their deal screening process. Over FY 2015, respondents screened 7,520 potential opportunities. On average, each VPO screened 86 organisations, did further due diligence on 17 of them, and selected 9 investees.  

Europe; Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance


January 1, 2016

This publication combines the learnings and experiences of practitioners across Europe and the results of several years of EVPA research, giving you access to everything you need to know about setting up and running a VP organisation or social impact investment fund. This Guide is useful for anyone wanting to understand the venture philanthropy approach, and/or start their own venture philanthropy or social impact investment fund.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Corporate Social Impact Strategies: New Paths for Collaborative Growth

May 1, 2015

Based on in-depth interviews and case studies with over 50 organisations, this is a unique report charting the increased activities of corporates and corporate foundations in investment oriented approaches to solving social and environmental problems. The report highlights the very first success stories in collaboration and co-investment between corporate players and Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment organisations as corporate foundations and corporations start experimenting with VP/SI strategies. How can companies bring business and society together? And what role could business play in solving social problems? To find out, read the report Corporate Social Impact Strategies -- New Paths for Collaborative Growth.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

A Practical Guide to Planning and Executing and Impactful Exit

October 1, 2014

The first objective of this manual is to provide Venture Philanthropy/Social Investment practitioners with an important tool to assist them in their daily activities and thus enhance the effectiveness of their work. The second objective is to increase the transparency and accountability of the Venture Philanthropy/Social Investment sector. This manual should be useful for both experienced Venture Philanthropy Organisations that want to reflect on how to exit their investments while maximising and sustaining the impact achieved, and for organisations approaching VP, which can learn from the experience of VP/SI practitioners.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

A Practical Guide To Measuring and Managing Impact

April 1, 2013

The Practical Guide is a comprehensive resource that distills best practice in impact measurement into five easy-to-understand steps and provides practical tips and recommendations for how to implement impact measurement at the level of the social investor and in the social sector organisations that they support.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

European Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment 2011/2012: The EVPA Survey

March 1, 2013

These are the key results of the second report on the European Venture Philanthropy Industry published by the European Venture Philanthropy Association. The purpose of the report is to provide key statistics and raise awareness about a sector that is evolving rapidly so as to attract further resources to the sector. Data has been collected from 61 leading venture philanthropy and social investment organisations (VPOs) across 18 European countries.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Guia Práctica para la Medición y la Gestión del Impacto

January 1, 2013

La medición del impacto social es una actividad que está ganando presencia en España y en otros países de nuestro entorno a medida que mejora la concienciación sobre su valor y utilidad. Sirve para aprender y mejorar el desempeño. Facilita la toma de decisiones. Aporta legitimidad a la entidad con objetivo social. Medir el impacto de la actividad de una fundación es una tarea compleja. Por esa razón la AEF decidió contribuir a la facilitación del trabajo de las fundaciones españolas por medio de la traducción y adaptación al contexto español de esta guía práctica para la gestión y la medición y la medición del impacto, redactada en su versión original en inglés por la European Venture Philanthropy Association. Esta guía es un documento que sintetiza la mejor práctica en medición de impacto en cinco pasos presentados en un orden secuencial. Son además los pasos usados en el Estándar Europeo de Medición de impacto acordado por la Comisión Europea el pasado mes de junio de 2014. Para facilitar su aplicación a cualquier entidad social la Guía ofrece ejemplos, recomendaciones y estudios de caso de fundaciones españolas y unos términos que ayudan a crear un lenguaje común que ayude a la relación de organizaciones y personas de distintos sectores y que facilite un análisis amplio de los problemas.

Data and technology, Information and Communications; Europe; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

The European Venture Philanthropy Industry 2010/2011

May 1, 2012

This is the first report on the European Venture Philanthropy Industry published by the European Venture Philanthropy Association. The purpose of the report is to provide key statistics on an industry that is still in the early stages of evolution. The survey that enabled EVPA 's Knowledge Centre to collect the data presented will be repeated on an annual basis to provide independent industry statistics on European Venture Philanthropy. The survey itself will be refined according to the feedback received on the first survey and the objective is to create a longitudinal database with VP industry statistics that can be analysed over time. EVPA acts as the main repository of data on the VP industry in Europe. As venture philanthropy continues to grow, the industry building role of the association becomes increasingly important, thus also calling for the development of best practice and guidelines.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

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