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Philanthropy in Russia

January 1, 2018

The report provides an overview of the current state of philanthropy in Russia, based on conversations with people who have been working to promote, support or strengthen different areas of philanthropy. Our aim is to shine a light on new ideas and innovations, and the implications of these for the future role of philanthropy. We hope this will enable us to better address the questions: what is the role and purpose of philanthropy and how do we build a supportive ecosystem for it? 

Enabling environment and civic space; Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure

Russia Giving 2016

November 1, 2016

Russia Giving 2014-2016

Asia-Pacific; Europe; Individual giving

Russia Philanthropy Findings 2015 Report

November 15, 2015

While 2014 saw a decline in the number and value of Russian million dollar donations, philanthropy remains important in the lives of wealthy Russian individuals and families, as well as in the corporate culture.

Asia-Pacific; Cultures of Giving; Europe

Russia Giving: Research on individual giving in Russia

October 1, 2014

This report presents the findings of research into individual giving in Russia and analyses the common giving patterns and habits of Russians -- the frequency and size of donations to NGOs, the ways in which donations are made, the main sources of information about NGOs, and which causes attract the most support, as well as the obstacles to and drivers for individual giving. The report draws parallels with the corresponding UK data and provides conclusions and recommendations for promoting individual giving to NGOs in Russia.

Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy

Local Philanthropy of Federal Importance: Community Foundations in Russia

July 1, 2014

The report is devoted to the outcomes of a research of community foundations -- one of the successfully developing segments of Russian philanthropy. The research was carried out within the Programme for Development of Community Foundations (CFs) implemented by CAF Russia and was financed by Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.The main objective of the research was to analyze the current state and activities of existent CFs, examine community foundations as a special type of charity and their role in communities, and present a generalized picture of Russian CFs in the local philanthropic landscape.

Grassroots and community philanthropy

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