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Assessments of the Legal Environment for Civil Society Actors including Philanthropic Support Organizations in Brazil

April 28, 2022

Understanding the legal environment where civil society organizationsoperate is key to stimulate the establishment of a giving culture in Brazil.The publication Evaluation of the legal environment for civil society actors, produced within the Giving to Change program, intends to:(1) share an assessment of problems and opportunities related to the legal environment of CSOs;(2) disseminate agendas and initiatives to improve the legal environment of CSOs;(3) provide information to organizations that might wish to engage with advocacy actions to improve their legal environment;(4) recommend contents and other sources of information on the subject.

Latin America and the Caribbean; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

Expanding and Strengthening Community Philanthropy in Brazil

November 25, 2019

This paper intends to describe the current scenario of community philanthropy in Brazil and worldwide, by defining concepts and mapping important trends and experiences in the field.This work, which proposes a preliminary approach to the issue, was prepared on the basis of bibliographic and document research, as well as testimonies gathered during interviews held with a number of professionals engaging in philanthropy and private social investment in Brazil. This paper was conceived as an open-ended endeavor, a starting point, which does not purpose to be a complete or finished document, but a kickoff point to a reflection on the practices and experiences surrounding this topic, to contribute to the strengthening of community philanthropy in Brazil.

Grassroots and community philanthropy; Latin America and the Caribbean

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