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WINGS Annual Report 2020

November 5, 2021

For decades to come, 2020 will represent the year during which the world shifted into a new normal by being forced to adapt to a global pandemic. WINGS adapted to the challenge, offering spaces for sharing and coming together to our members at a time of great uncertainty and challenge. The year 2020 marked 20 years of us serving the global philanthropy field. We invite you to celebrate this important year for WINGS, our 20th anniversary. We feel energised to start this new cycle. A new cycle in which we are better positioned than ever to make a difference in critical times.

Transparency and accountability

Understanding the Meaning of Terms: Definitions and Taxonomy

September 8, 2021

It is vital to be clear about the terms used in the philanthropy support ecosystem (PSE). Many words in philanthropy have imprecise meanings that lead to different understandings. In this study, we seek to build a standard terminology of PSE terms and PSO organisations so that findings may be intelligible, both within the PSE and outside it.


How to Build the Philanthropy Support Ecosystem (PSE) Working it out Together: Engaging Philanthropy Actors in Mapping and Strengthening their own Ecosystem

September 8, 2021

This document offers a step-by-step guide on how to build the PSE. A four-stage process is suggested to map the PSE:1. Develop a team of people to undertake the work and to set objectives.2. Adapt the method to local circumstances by assembling key reports and talking to people with a good knowledge of the sector.3. Map the organisations and functions of the PSE and assess the relationships between them.4. Develop the vision for the PSE and decide on practical measures on how to pursue it.This should be treated as an outline guide to be used creatively, depending on local context. The process will depend on the resources available, which include time as well as money. This should be seen as a creative and organic process of development, rather than a fixed and mechanical project. The guide gives an organisational framework, as compared to a blueprint.


The 10 Things You Need to Know about Acting Together to Lift Up Philanthropy

September 8, 2021

This research shows how Philanthropy Support Organisations (PSOs) contribute to long-term social change by examining their purposes, functions, and impact. While the full research report is long, we have prepared this 'sneak peek', so that you can see the main takeaways easily.The research shows how to build a robust Philanthropy Support Ecosystem (PSE) to unlock the potential of philanthropy. It uses a suite of tools and approaches adaptable to different countries. Results will enable domestic foundations and donors, existing PSO leaders and other stakeholders to build the ecosystem they want.


How to Assess the Strengths of the Philanthropy Support Ecosystem (PSE)

September 8, 2021

Measuring the added value of the PSE is an integral feature of strengthening it. Measurement involves using five-point scales to assess the attainment of the 4Cs – capacity, capability, connection, and credibility. A variety of statistical methods are suggested to accomplish this. The results in this document will enable people to decide what action to take to enhance the PSE in their country.


Acting Together to Lift up Philanthropy: WINGS Guidance on How to Build a Supportive Ecosystem

September 8, 2021

The guide shows how a philanthropy support ecosystem can be built. It uses a suite of tools and approaches that can be adapted by people in different countries to build the system that they want, by mapping relationships between organisations and sorting out who does what in order to lift up philanthropy. It is designed to allow for creativity and invention. The goal is to inspire the field by suggesting ways in which its work can be enhanced, rather than providing hard and fast rules. Although specific steps are suggested, these do not imply a rigid process that needs to be followed. Action depends on the context and the particular needs of the philanthropic sector.

Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

Introductory Note to Cultures of Giving Country Profiles

September 3, 2021

The Cultures of Giving working group started in January 2018. Its work is a continuation of a series of efforts underway since 2010 when WINGS published its report on global philanthropy. The main conclusion of that report was that global philanthropy is not the model that existed in some of the industrial countries and propagated through grantmaking to therest of the world, but a tapestry of practices from around the world that are diverse, with similarities and differences, and yet forms a rich mosaic of the practices reflecting local cultures and practices.


Philanthropy Networks: Creating Value, Voice and Collective Impact

January 24, 2020

Value. Voice. Collective Impact. Philanthropy networks, their leaders, members and funders alike, are looking to build a future in which these core elements are reflected in their work. How can networks define and realize new value propositions and amplify voice in a way that is responsive to members yet also shapes the field? What role can tech and data solutions play in enhancing value? What strategies in advocacy and thought leadership can elevate the voice and visibility of the sector? How can philanthropy support networks go beyond focusing solely on organizational impact to creating more collective impact across the sector? This guide combines thoughtful concepts, frameworks and practical approaches that all philanthropy networks can use to prepare their organisations for the next decade.

Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

Unlocking Philanthropy's Potential

May 31, 2018

This guide is for all funders who wish to understand how they can contribute to unlocking philanthropy's potential to build more resilient, sustainable and democratic societies. This is what the philanthropy support ecosystem, also called philanthropy infrastructure, is all about. It is about developing and harnessing private resources for social good, building civil society and democracy, and helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is central to the mission of all visionary funders who want to increase the impact and sustainability of their work.

Enabling environment and civic space; Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure

The Global Landscape of Philanthropy

January 30, 2018

From a description of various forms of individual giving to the growing importance of community philanthropy and structured, institutional giving, the current report is an effort to bring back the diversity of the field of philanthropy at the center of the debate, by drawing a comprehensive and provocative picture of current trends and challenges of the field. The report also raises some of the questions and issues most critical and central to its development – from technology and shrinking civic space to power dynamics within philanthropy practice and concepts, to the evolving role and form of philanthropy infrastructure.

Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure

Acting on the Climate Crisis – Why, How and the Role of Philanthropy: A resource pack for funders

June 28, 2021

Climate change is an existential threat to humanity and the planet we call home. As many have reflected, it has no vaccine. Its economic, social and health impacts will dwarf those of the COVID-19 pandemic – unless we step up our response, and fast. We believe a key reason for inaction on climate change by potential funders is the difficulty both in understanding the issue and in finding effective solutions. This resource pack was developed to help funders overcome these challenges. It provides a range of useful and accessible sources of information on climate change: why it is so urgent, how it impacts other charitable causes, what the solutions are, and how funders – whether through grantmaking, operations or investments – can make a difference.

Climate philanthropy

Funding the Future - How the climate crisis intersects with your giving - French version

March 12, 2021

This guide illustrates how the climate crisis impacts funding portfolios and highlights where there are co-benefits with taking climate action. It looks at five key areas that we call 'climate intersections.'The findings and suggestions in this report are meant to shine a light on how you as a funder can increase your impact by applying a climate lens to existing work. You know your portfolio best, and are therefore well placed to think through what these intersections mean for your work. The report is also interspersed with case studies on funders and select NGOs who are already applying this lens to their work.

Climate philanthropy; Cultures of Giving

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