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Comparative Highlights of Foundation Laws: The Operating Environment for Foundations in Europe 2021

October 1, 2021

The 2021 "Comparative Highlights of Foundation Laws" provides a broad, comparative overview of the diverse legal and fiscal environments of foundations – across 40 countries – as well as identifies relevant trends and developments.The report looks into how philanthropy in Europe is regulated from a comparative perspective, what legal requirements exist to establish a foundation, whether foundations can pursue only public-benefit or also private purposes, what governance requirements are set out, what forms of tax incentives exist to encourage philanthropic organisations and giving and how this differs across the continent or what impact anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism legislation has on the European philanthropy sector.


Funder Commitment on Climate Change: Year 1 Report

April 22, 2021

The Funder Commitment on Climate Change is a holistic, high-level framework for foundations - whatever their size, mission, or area of benefit - to play their part in tackling the causes and impacts of climate change. It was launched in November 2019, and since June 2020 has been hosted by the Association of Charitable Foundation (ACF). This UK initiative has inspired foundation networks in France and Spain to develop parallel commitments, and there are also plans for national commitments in other states and a global version. ACF invited all current signatories to respond to a simple survey of actions taken under each of the elements of the Funder Commitment. Funders were invited to make a simple self-assessment of their progress in each area - the collated results of which are shown as bar charts in this report. ACF also took this opportunity to ask signatories about how ACF can best support peer learning and further action, and finally to gather some basic data about the signatories to inform future work. 

Climate philanthropy

2021 Ariadne Forecast for European Social Change and Human Rights Funders

March 1, 2021

To create the 2021 Ariadne Forecast, 275 Ariadne members and friends of the network filled in surveys, participated in interviews, and attended online forecast meetings to share their insights into trends in European social change and human rights philanthropy for 2021.The report looks at the challenges and opportunities this year might bring for grantees; how funder practice could change; which political events are likely to affect their work; what will become more important in the months ahead; and -- perhaps most importantly -- what to feel hopeful about. There are chapters on France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and the UK, plus a broader, global focus.The challenges ahead may be great, but philanthropy can play a role in helping us overcome them.


Support of CSOs in times of COVID-19: How joint efforts in Europe build resilience

December 23, 2020

This publication aims to showcase how the Network of European Foundations' programmes and their grantee organisations have been able to adapt and respond to the COVID-19 crisis and its consequences. As with all crises, this one came as both a shock and an opportunity for adaptation and resilience. In the spirit of solidarity, we would like to share how grantee organisations have placed the common good at the centre of their work and found creative solutions during this challenging period. We seek to capture the richness and diversity of the work of the grantee organisations across European countries and how the crisis has had ramifications in nearly all aspects of the programmes supported by NEF. We have selected case studies that illustrate civil society's mobilisation: if the response has been local, we -as Europeans- can learn collectively from those common challenges. 

Enabling environment and civic space; Multi-stakeholder collaboration and SDGs

Philanthropy Networks: Creating Value, Voice and Collective Impact - Ukrainian version

September 11, 2020

Value. Voice. Collective Impact. Philanthropy networks, their leaders, members and funders alike, are looking to build a future in which these core elements are reflected in their work. How can networks define and realize new value propositions and amplify voice in a way that is responsive to members yet also shapes the field? What role can tech and data solutions play in enhancing value? What strategies in advocacy and thought leadership can elevate the voice and visibility of the sector? How can philanthropy support networks go beyond focusing solely on organizational impact to creating more collective impact across the sector? This guide combines thoughtful concepts, frameworks and practical approaches that all philanthropy networks can use to prepare their organisations for the next decade.This translation was possible thanks to the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum.

Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

Charity in Times of Coronavirus

June 11, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic, in particular the strict lockdown, has affected every area of life in Ukraine. The charity is no exception. Did the charity stop during this period? Have charitable donations decreased? Who receives less help today, and who, on the contrary, benefits from increased help? Should we expect a reduction in the number of charitable initiatives when the lockdown is over?The nature and scale of the pandemic's impact on charity are best illustrated by the findings of a social survey initiated by Zagoriy Foundation within its Promoting the Culture of Charitable Giving in Ukraine program and conducted by the research company Socioinform in May this year. Representatives of 20 charitable organizations from all over Ukraine shared their thoughts on the changes taking place in charity and how their organizations feel through times of crisis.

Cultures of Giving; Europe

National policy responses for philanthropy and civil society across Europe in the context of COVID-19

May 1, 2020

This paper consolidates the major elements of a discussion on European governments' policy responses to supporting civil society and facilitating philanthropy and individual giving in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Enabling environment and civic space; Europe; Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure

Connecting Community Foundations with the SDGs

February 1, 2020

This document seeks to demonstrate that the work of all community foundations is highly relevant to the SDGs and that by adopting a 'whole-of-organization approach' which takes into consideration mission, investment, strategies and programmes, communications and operations, there is scope to use the framework to enhance their role, credibility and effectiveness as catalysts for change. This can attract partners and funding, can motivate staff, board members and volunteers and can consolidate the position of the community foundation in its locality.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration and SDGs

Charitable Giving as Viewed by Ukrainians

November 30, 2019

The present report gives an overall analysis of charitable giving in Ukraine explaining the key trends and revealing bottlenecks as well as opportunities for potential growth. The research findings help understand how Ukrainians feel about charitable giving in general and charitable foundations in particular, and what practices appear to be the most successful these days. The report will reveal what drives Ukrainians in supporting others, what obstacles to participation in charitable giving are there, who requires help the most and what groups of people are mostly likely to receive support and how support is provided. The present research will enable charitable organisations to improve their working practices and gain trust and support to implement quality changes in the culture of giving in Ukraine.

Cultures of Giving; Europe

Using the 4Cs: Evaluating Professional Support to Philanthropy - Ukrainian version

July 1, 2019

Philanthropy infrastructure is often underfunded and underrecognized for its value. How do we communicate our worth to the sector and others? In a collective effort to answer this question and share our expertise on how to better articulate our organizations' Capacity, Connections, Capability and Credibility, WINGS and DAFNE came together in partnership to launch the 4Cs: A Framework to Help Your Organization Identify and Demonstrate its Worth. 

Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

Foundations – A Good Deal For Society

July 1, 2019

This study investigates whether setting up a tax-exempt grant-making foundation pays off for society, or whether the process primarily provides tax breaks which ultimately benefit those who set up the foundation, without generating adequate added value for the public at large.

Europe; Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy; Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

SIGN Network Manual for the Implementation of Standards for Fundaraising

January 1, 2019

SIGN Network Manual for the Implementation of Standards for Fundraising.

Europe; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

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