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Cultures of Giving Country Profile: Saudi Arabia

October 20, 2021

This report has been prepared for the WINGS Cultures of Giving Working Group by Natasha Matic from the King Khalid Foundation and Atallah Kuttab from SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory. The WINGS Cultures of Giving Working Group explores and shares the many different types and ways philanthropy exists in the WINGS network, as well as the diverse cultures of giving around the world.

Guide to Analyzing Philanthropy Organizations

December 1, 2011

This guide, which is a result of a consultative meeting of key leaders from the philanthropy and grant-making sectors in the Arab region, describes how SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory (SAANED) analyzes philanthropy and grant-making organizations. It is a guide for anyone who is interested in helping these organizations perform better, by enhancing their transparency and accountability. It can help funders and donors identify organizational strengths and weaknesses, and make decisions about how to allocate resources. It can also help philanthropy and grantmaking organizations assess their own performance and implement improvements to their own work and structures.

Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness; Transparency and accountability

From Charity to Change: Trends in Arab Philanthropy

December 1, 2008

From Charity to Change: Trends in Arab Philanthropy, provides a preliminary overview of Arab philanthropy in eight countries of the region including: Egypt, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The purpose of the study was to document the varying forms of institutionalized philanthropy that currently exist as well as provide recommendations for how philanthropy can become more effective. 

Middle East; North Africa; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

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