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Philanthropy in the Arab Region

March 22, 2018

The report provides an overview of the current state of philanthropy in the Arabregion, particularly shining a light on new areas and innovation within philanthropy,and the implications of these for its future role. We hope this will enable us to betteraddress the question: how do we support and build philanthropy's role as an agentof social change?

Enabling environment and civic space; Middle East; North Africa

Global Philanthropy Data Charter - Arab Foundations Forum Case Study

July 31, 2017

The Charter was created as part of a collaborative process to help guide the philanthropic sector's data-related work and instil a data culture. The updated Charter it is soon to be released as a toolkit along with 4 of our Members' Case Studies – as the third organization to present its case study, the Arab Foundations Forum gives us a framework on the environment of collecting data in the Arab Region.

Data and technology, Information and Communications; Middle East; North Africa

The state of Arab philanthropy and the case for change

July 13, 2016

The Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) has spent the past two years studyingthe landscape in which the forum functions. AFF, as a membership-basednetwork of philanthropic foundations based in and/or working in the Arabregion, is uniquely positioned to canvass the region's donors, grantmakers,and civil society players, and to draw conclusions about the stateof the region's philanthropic sector. The overarching conclusion presentedin this viewpoint is that there are many challenges, but also ways in whichwe can help to mitigate these challenges over time. The article points tothree key ways in which the philanthropic sector is being challenged.

Enabling environment and civic space; Middle East; North Africa

Perspectives on Arab and Global Philanthropy: Roles and Approaches

July 1, 2015

This is report of the consultative meeting held in Berlin 3-4 June 2015 on "Perspectives on Arab & Global Philanthropy: Roles and Approaches". The objective of the meeting was to highlight the changing landscape of philanthropy around the world and to understand how local traditions of giving and local discourses, such as from the Arab region, are building on global best practice and evolving patterns of philanthropy. The meeting included sessions covering local traditions, evolving areas of philanthropy (individual, family and corporate philanthropy, community philanthropy and impact investing/social investment), the role of philanthropy in society and its relationship to governments, and accountability, transparency and governance, and our own legitimacy.

Enabling environment and civic space

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