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South Africa Giving 2019

January 29, 2019

This South Africa Giving 2019 report is one of an international series, produced across the CAF GlobalAlliance, a world-leading network of organisations working at the forefront of philanthropy and civil society.The series also includes reports covering Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, India, Russia, the United States,and the UK.This is the second edition of this unique collection of country reports. As the series grows we will be ableto look at trends in giving for the first time: why and how people of different ages and social groups givein different countries; the way they give and who they give to, as well as gaining a better understanding ofpeople's participation in social and civic activities beyond financial donations and volunteering.

Cultures of Giving; Sub-Saharan Africa

South Africa Giving 2017

February 8, 2018

Our analysis provides these key findings for individual giving in South Africa: Around eight in ten people surveyed (81%) have given money in the past 12 months, eitherto a charity, to a church or religious organisation, or by sponsoring someone. Donors said they are most likely to give money because they believe they can make adifference, and because they want to help those less fortunate than themselves. Amongst those who donated in the past 4 weeks, the typical (median) donation wasR500. The most common method of donating was via a donation box in a supermarket/shop,which 40% of donors had used. Six in ten people surveyed have volunteered in the past 12 months (61%), 49% havedone so for a church or religious organisation, 45% for an NPO/charity and 45% for acommunity organisation. The most popular cause amongst donors (58%) and volunteers (43%) was helping the poor. Having more money themselves is the thing most likely to encourage those surveyed todonate more time, goods or money in the coming 12 months (53%).

Individual giving; Sub-Saharan Africa

South Africa Giving 2017 - Infographic

December 1, 2017

Southern Africa Giving 2017 Infographic

Individual giving; Sub-Saharan Africa

Global Philanthropy Data Charter - Community Chest Case Study

September 19, 2017

The Charter was created as part of a collaborative process to help guide the philanthropic sector's data-related work and instil a data culture. The updated Charter it is soon to be released as a toolkit along with 4 of our Members' Case Studies – as the last organization to present its case study, the Community Chest of the Western Cape presents us the results of a survey conducted in 2015 amongst 10 Cape Flats schools to investigate patterns of absenteeism due to menstruation and other sexual education and feminine health issues. 

Data and technology, Information and Communications; Sub-Saharan Africa

The Giving Report III - A survey on the giving practices of high-net-worth individuals in South Africa

November 1, 2016

The Giving Report, now in its third edition, has become an important feature of theprivate philanthropy landscape. The first Giving Report was undertaken in 2010 bythe then BoE Private Clients and repeated in 2012 under the Nedbank Private Wealthbanner. The Giving Report III continues this series and provides insight into trendsamong South Africa's high-net-worth (HNW) individuals.

Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy; Sub-Saharan Africa

Form and Function: a view of the financial and operational practices of south african private philanthropic foundations

March 1, 2016

This report "Form and Function" reflects the research undertaken into the governance, financial management and grantmaking practice of twenty one South African philanthropic foundations during the course of 2015. This report was to assist existing foundations as well as emerging entities to benchmark their practice. Based on an extensive questionnaire, interviews were done with 21 foundations through their representatives including foundation staff as well as the founders.

Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure; Sub-Saharan Africa

A Tangled Web: The Perceived Influence of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Legislation on Corporate Social Investment in South Africa

May 1, 2015

Since 2004 South Africa has had in place legislation that regulates the responsibilities of business to the transformation of society, and this regulation includes an element that relates to corporate philanthropy.To date, however, very little has been documented about the influence of this legislation on corporate philanthropy. A new research report by Halima Mahomed, A Tangled Web: The Perceived Influence of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Legislation on Corporate Social Investment in South Africa, aims to partially fill this gap. The research explores the perceived influence of the legislation on issues such as the extent, flexibility and approaches to giving; highlights the limitations that arise from the structure and framework of the legislation; and interrogates some of its unintended consequences.As discussions on the feasibility of regulatory mechanisms gain traction in other places, it is hoped that this research will help to raise key issues for consideration and exploration.

Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy

I Believe I Can Make a Difference: Individual Giving by Ordinary People, Living in Gauteng Province, South Africa

April 1, 2015

Nine out of 10 people give time and/or money according to a pioneering study of South African giving. The main motivation for personal generosity is a belief that giving can make a difference, according to a pilot survey among Gauteng citizens released today by CAF Southern Africa. "These findings show a very strong culture of giving and mutual support in Gauteng," said Colleen du Toit, CEO of CAF Southern Africa. "The results also reflect the most recent World Giving Index, published by the Charities Aid Foundation in the United Kingdom, which revealed that South Africa had moved up 35 places in the global league table of generosity."

Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy; Grassroots and community philanthropy

2014 Annual Survey of Philanthropy in Higher Education (ASPIHE) in South Africa

March 1, 2015

Owing to a number of factors, the Advancement industry in South Africa's higher education (HE) sector is expanding, but precious little information is available about the state of philanthropic support. With this in mind, the ASPIHE initiative is intended to introduce a robust mechanism for collecting reliable and consistent information about philanthropic support and prompt similarly comprehensive work on other forms of third-stream income in the HE sector.

Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy

Changemudança: Making Regional Integration Work for the Poor

October 1, 2014

ChangeMudança is an online magazine, developed by Southern Africa Trust, with a focus on regional integration in southern Africa and its potential to tackle poverty. This latest issue explores the SADC summit, civil society in Swaziland, regional integration, and more.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration and SDGs; Sub-Saharan Africa

The Giving Report II: A Survey on the Giving Practices of High-net-worth Individuals in South Africa

January 1, 2013

In 2010 BoE Private Clients undertook the first comprehensive national survey on the giving practices of HNW individuals in South Africa. The survey was well received and provided good baseline information on the topic. This 2012 follow-up survey was conducted to identify giving trends that have emerged since 2010 and to continue to support the evolution of philanthropy in South Africa. BoE Private Clients had been rebranded in the intervening period and the 2012 survey was undertaken under the banner of Nedbank Private Wealth.

Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy

Philanthropy Insights

January 1, 2013

The Philanthropy Insights Report is based on research aimed at furthering the overall understanding of philanthropy in South Africa.The report was written in collaboration with various philanthropic experts from different fields.The different subsections will provide you with a deeper insight into philanthropy and guidance on starting your philanthropic journey.

Enabling environment and civic space; Sub-Saharan Africa

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