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African Proverbs on Giving & Generosity

July 10, 2020

CivSource Africa presents a compilation of African proverbs on giving and generosity.CivSource started a campaign called #OmutimaOmugabi (A Heart that Gives) to find, highlight, document, and celebrate the ways in which Africans give. This little 'Book of Proverbs' is the outcome of that effort.

Cultures of Giving; North Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa

South Africa Giving 2019

January 29, 2019

This South Africa Giving 2019 report is one of an international series, produced across the CAF GlobalAlliance, a world-leading network of organisations working at the forefront of philanthropy and civil society.The series also includes reports covering Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, India, Russia, the United States,and the UK.This is the second edition of this unique collection of country reports. As the series grows we will be ableto look at trends in giving for the first time: why and how people of different ages and social groups givein different countries; the way they give and who they give to, as well as gaining a better understanding ofpeople's participation in social and civic activities beyond financial donations and volunteering.

Cultures of Giving; Sub-Saharan Africa

The NGO Tax Regime & the Enabling Environment for Philanthropy in Ghana

December 13, 2018

Ghana has a vibrant culture of personal giving and charitable contributions, which offers hope for increased domestic resourcing and more effective and sustainable civil society organizations (CSOs) in this time of declining global support. However, the policy and legal frameworks for organized forms of giving/philanthropy in Ghana are lacking. It is difficult to find consistent and regularly-produced information on the nature and extend of organized giving and corporate social responsibility (CSR) engagement to facilitate collaboration and ascertain impact.In May 2018, the International Center for Non-For-Profit Law supported a research to identify and document current regulatory provisions that influence philanthropy; and to identify and develop specific positive policy reform recommendations.The rationale for this study was to help improve understanding amongst non-profits, government and other stakeholders on philanthropy in Ghana. It is also aimed at suggesting legal and administrative framework required to strengthen the philanthropy space.

Enabling environment and civic space; Sub-Saharan Africa

The State of Philanthropy In Tanzania 2018 Report

July 1, 2018

This is a summary report of key findings, conclusions and recommendations of the State of Philanthropy in Tanzania carried out between February and April 2018.The study was commissioned by Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) together with the Tanzania Philanthropy Forum (TPF), and facilitated by Strategic Connections Ltd.The overall purpose of the study was to generate data and information on the state of philanthropy in Tanzania. FCS and TPF wishes to use the study outcomes to share learning across the philanthropy sector, stimulate joint advocacy among key philanthropy actors, as well as a to guide further development of the philanthropic sector.

Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure; Sub-Saharan Africa

South Africa Giving 2017

February 8, 2018

Our analysis provides these key findings for individual giving in South Africa: Around eight in ten people surveyed (81%) have given money in the past 12 months, eitherto a charity, to a church or religious organisation, or by sponsoring someone. Donors said they are most likely to give money because they believe they can make adifference, and because they want to help those less fortunate than themselves. Amongst those who donated in the past 4 weeks, the typical (median) donation wasR500. The most common method of donating was via a donation box in a supermarket/shop,which 40% of donors had used. Six in ten people surveyed have volunteered in the past 12 months (61%), 49% havedone so for a church or religious organisation, 45% for an NPO/charity and 45% for acommunity organisation. The most popular cause amongst donors (58%) and volunteers (43%) was helping the poor. Having more money themselves is the thing most likely to encourage those surveyed todonate more time, goods or money in the coming 12 months (53%).

Individual giving; Sub-Saharan Africa

South Africa Giving 2017 - Infographic

December 1, 2017

Southern Africa Giving 2017 Infographic

Individual giving; Sub-Saharan Africa

Global Philanthropy Data Charter - Community Chest Case Study

September 19, 2017

The Charter was created as part of a collaborative process to help guide the philanthropic sector's data-related work and instil a data culture. The updated Charter it is soon to be released as a toolkit along with 4 of our Members' Case Studies – as the last organization to present its case study, the Community Chest of the Western Cape presents us the results of a survey conducted in 2015 amongst 10 Cape Flats schools to investigate patterns of absenteeism due to menstruation and other sexual education and feminine health issues. 

Data and technology, Information and Communications; Sub-Saharan Africa

Claiming Agency: Reflecting on TrustAfrica's First Decade

November 29, 2016

While this is a book about TrustAfrica as a philanthropy institution thataims to mediate resources – fiscal and otherwise – towards a more justsociety, we are but one cog in the wheel; the programme achievementsare a testament to the cumulative efforts of the hundreds of partners onthe ground who are working every day to address these critical challenges,in what are fluid and challenging contexts.

Enabling environment and civic space; North Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa

The Giving Report III - A survey on the giving practices of high-net-worth individuals in South Africa

November 1, 2016

The Giving Report, now in its third edition, has become an important feature of theprivate philanthropy landscape. The first Giving Report was undertaken in 2010 bythe then BoE Private Clients and repeated in 2012 under the Nedbank Private Wealthbanner. The Giving Report III continues this series and provides insight into trendsamong South Africa's high-net-worth (HNW) individuals.

Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy; Sub-Saharan Africa

Kenya: Data Strategy and Capacity Building (2nd Report)

September 28, 2016

This report presents key outcomes from the Kenya Data Strategy and Capacity Building Workshop, held in Nairobi on the 4th and 5th of July 2016. The Workshop was developed based on input provided by a cross section of Kenyan foundations, trusts, and support organisations that participated in an earlier "Data Scoping Meeting," held in Nairobi on 28 April 2016.

Data and technology, Information and Communications; Sub-Saharan Africa

Form and Function: a view of the financial and operational practices of south african private philanthropic foundations

March 1, 2016

This report "Form and Function" reflects the research undertaken into the governance, financial management and grantmaking practice of twenty one South African philanthropic foundations during the course of 2015. This report was to assist existing foundations as well as emerging entities to benchmark their practice. Based on an extensive questionnaire, interviews were done with 21 foundations through their representatives including foundation staff as well as the founders.

Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure; Sub-Saharan Africa

Changemudança: Making Regional Integration Work for the Poor

October 1, 2014

ChangeMudança is an online magazine, developed by Southern Africa Trust, with a focus on regional integration in southern Africa and its potential to tackle poverty. This latest issue explores the SADC summit, civil society in Swaziland, regional integration, and more.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration and SDGs; Sub-Saharan Africa

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