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Foundations Respond to Crisis: Toward Equity?

December 9, 2020

The disproportionate public health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on certain communities, along with nationwide protests against police violence and racial injustice, have intensified the calls for foundations to focus on equity and reckon with anti-Black racism in a deeper way than they had before. To what extent have staffed foundations changed their practices in 2020 in response to this push for substantial shifts in how philanthropy approaches its work?CEP surveyed and interviewed foundation leaders to find out. Foundations Respond to Crisis: Toward Equity? reveals that almost all foundations participating in CEP's study report placing new, or more, focus on supporting Black, Latino, and lower-income communities; and most foundation leaders say they are reckoning with racism and paying greater attention to racial equity in their work. However, there remains still significant room for further progress, and it remains to be seen how deep and sustained this new focus will be.

Enabling environment and civic space; Race and Philanthropy

How the Sustainable Development Goals Can Help Community Foundations Respond to COVID-19 and Advance Racial Equity

October 28, 2020

In 2020, the Mott Foundation commissioned philanthropic researcher, Dr. Larry McGill, to examine how U.S. community foundations can use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to lead local revitalization efforts, advance racial equity and recover from the complex effects of the pandemic. The subsequent report aims to help community foundations unpack the SDG framework and use it to create an organized approach to their work toward systemic change.

Grassroots and community philanthropy; Race and Philanthropy

Gouvernance et dons : des approches pour accroître l’équité, la diversité et l’inclusion

December 1, 2019

Afin de soutenir les fondations dans leur parcours vers la diversité, l'équité et l'inclusion (ÉDI), FPC a créé cette boîte à outils afin de fournir des conseils et un accès à une large gamme d'outils et de ressources pour soutenir et approfondir l'engagement des fondations en faveur du bien social grâce à la diversité. , équité et inclusion.

Critical philanthropy and power; Gender and Philanthropy; North America; Race and Philanthropy

Governance and Grantmaking: Approaches to achieve greater diversity, equity and inclusion

November 1, 2019

As a first step to assisting foundations with their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) journey, PFC has created this toolkit to provide them with guidance and access to a broad range of tools and resources to support and deepen their commitment to social good through diversity, equity and inclusion.

Critical philanthropy and power; Gender and Philanthropy; North America; Race and Philanthropy

Seeking an Inclusive Europe : Foundation Grantmaking for Countering Ethnic and Religious Bias and Xenophobia

February 1, 2017

This report intends to respond to ongoing discrimination and increasing violence and the need for greater cultural understanding, inclusion, and equity in Europe. It enables foundations active in addressing bias and promoting social change and rights across Europe to understand their grantmaking priorities in the context of the larger funder community. For foundations that want to become active, it offers numerous examples of approaches funders are taking to address these issues.

Race and Philanthropy

He Akoranga He Aratohu - Maori and Pacific Education Initiative lessons to guide innovative philanthropic and social practice.

May 1, 2012

He Akoranga He Aratohu outlines and reviews the process created to identify, select and allocate grants to projects from Maori and Pacific communities that met the criteria for MPEI (Maori and Pacific Education Initiative).

Race and Philanthropy; Trends and innovations (#NextPhilanthropy)

Toolkit for Racial, Ethnic and Tribal Funds and Foundations

May 1, 2007

Diverse communities are molding and stretching models of giving to fashion something new. Funds and foundations are a promising and growing tool used to organize racial, ethnic and tribal giving. Sometimes called "ethnic funds," these are typically public foundations that mobilize the giving resources of a community for that community's benefit. This involves organizing groups of donors to invest in the foundation, pooling resources, developing giving priorities and a process, and making grants.  The form used depends on the culture and needs of the community, its financial profile, and what other philanthropic players are present. No one size fits all, and each community has multiple choices. This toolkit is designed to provide community leaders or potential hosts with the tools and outlines they need to start a racial, ethnic or tribal fund.  This section reflects lessons and experience gathered from existing funds and foundations in Black, Asian, Arab, Latino and Native-American communities.  

Race and Philanthropy

Decade of Roma Inclusion: Challenging Centuries of Discrimination (Open Society News, Summer-Fall 2005)

September 1, 2005

This issue of Open Society News provides snapshots of where Europe's Roma communities stand in 2005. It covers some of Open Society Institute's continuing efforts to advance Roma rights and provide an overview of the recently launched "Decade of Roman Inclusion". A number of stories go beyond OSI and the Decade to explore the question of Roma identity and the challenges that integration can pose.

Critical philanthropy and power; Europe; Race and Philanthropy

Short Changed: Foundation Giving and Communities of Color

January 1, 2004

This report discusses ways in which foundations concerned with social justice have supported efforts to effectively address racial inequality and discrimination.

Race and Philanthropy

The Chinese Diaspora and Philanthropy

May 1, 2003

This paper explores philanthropic links between the Chinese diaspora and the People's Republic of China. It draws on a wide range of sources and aims to sketch the range and nature of those links.

Asia-Pacific; Race and Philanthropy

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