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Os desafios na comunicação da filantropia comunitária e de justiça social

July 2, 2021

This publication brings together a series of four reports carried out with the communicators of the member organisations of the Philanthropy Network for Social Justice (Rede). The articles published are the result of press conferences held in mid-2020 to map and analyse the challenges for communication in community philanthropy and social justice and give visibility to the communication strategies developed by the thematic and community funds that make up the Network.Esta publicação reúne uma série de quatro reportagens realizada com os/as comunicadores/as das organizações membros da Rede de Filantropia para a Justiça Social (Rede). As reportagens publicadas são fruto de entrevistas coletivas realizadas em meados de 2020 com a finalidade de mapear e analisar os desafios para a comunicação na filantropia comunitária e de justiça social e dar visibilidade às estratégias de comunicação desenvolvidas pelos fundos temáticos e comunitários que integram a Rede.

Grassroots and community philanthropy; Latin America and the Caribbean

What the Pandemic Told Us About Giving

June 16, 2021

Based on a phenomenological investigation, this article seeks to illuminate the nature of the changes that have occurred in the Brazilian culture of giving ignited by the mobilization consequent to the impacts of Covid-19, as well as its patterns or permanence. This text seeks to portray part of the cultural movement of giving, so that the reader can see some of the essential features of the explored phenomenon (HOLDREDGE, 2005), reflecting and constructing their own images. The year 2020 was marked by a reflex-giving, however, its experimentation by many, hitherto non-donors, added to a deeper reflection on how it happens and what is generated by the way it is done. It has the potential to bring about significant changes for the years to come. 

Cultures of Giving; Latin America and the Caribbean

Análisis de 16 marcos fiscales para donantes en América Latina

May 20, 2021

This document contains information on the legal and fiscal frameworks of 16 Latin American countries related to donations. It is a starting point within the complex and changing world of laws that lead to donations. We believe that it will help clarify its comprehension and allow us to compare reflections on regulations, benefits, and barriers existing in different jurisdictions. We hope that this publication will stimulate conversation about the differences in legislation and its impact on donations to favour the development of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector in Latin America.---El presente documento contiene información sobre los marcos legales y fiscales de 16 países de América Latina relacionados con las donaciones. Es un punto de partida dentro del complejo y cambiante mundo de las leyes que rigen a los donativos. Creemos que contribuirá a clarificar su comprensión y permitirá comparar o reflexionar sobre las regulaciones, beneficios y barreras existentes en las diferentes jurisdicciones. Esperamos que esta publicación estimule la conversación en torno a las diferencias que existen en las legislaciones y su impacto en las donaciones para favorecer el desarrollo de la filantropía y del sector de organizaciones sin fines de lucro en América Latina. 

Enabling environment and civic space; Latin America and the Caribbean

Como Criar um Fundo Emergencial: A Experiência e os Resultados do Fundo Emergencial para a Saúde na Pandemia de covid-19 no Brasil

April 29, 2021

In this publication, we share how we structured the Emergency Fund for Health Coronavirus Brazil (FES), which supported philanthropic hospitals that were at the forefront of combating the pandemic: from forming a strategic alliance, through communication campaigns and mobilizing networks and through fundraising strategies to the destination of the use of money that helped 61 philanthropic institutions throughout Brazil.Nessa publicação, contamos como estruturamos o Fundo Emergencial para a Saúde Coronavírus Brasil (FES), que apoiou hospitais filantrópicos que estavam na linha de frente do combate à pandemia: da formação de uma aliança estratégica, passando pelas campanhas de comunicação e mobilização de redes e pelas estratégias de captação de recursos até a destinação do uso do dinheiro que ajudou 61 instituições filantrópicas Brasil afora. 

Grassroots and community philanthropy; Latin America and the Caribbean

Mapping on Terrorrism Financing Risk in Nonprofit Organizations in Member Countries of the Financial Action Task Force of Latin America: A Nonprofit Organization Sector Regional Report - Excerpt

January 31, 2021

This report is the result of numerous dialogues held over the years with representatives of civil society, Financial Action Task Force (FATF) standards specialists, regulatory agency authorities, and financial institution representatives. It is also the result of research conducted by FATF experts and experts from the Global Non-profit Organization (NPO) Coalition on FATF on the impact of the preventive framework against terrorist financing on the daily practice of organizations that exercise their freedom of association and contribute to the common good.So far, the debate on the problem of misuse of NPOs for terrorist financing in Latin America has been characterized by assertions based on generalizations rather than on data. Stakeholders have not been able to sit around the table to identify evidence of risk or discuss deficiencies in policies or procedures. The lack of a shared basic understanding of the proper implementation of Recommendation 8 is a major challenge.

Enabling environment and civic space; Latin America and the Caribbean

A Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados e a Captação de Recursos – Perguntas e Respostas

November 11, 2020

In collaboration with the Associação Brasileira de Captadores de Recursos and Koury Lopes Advogados (KLA), TrustLaw has published this guide on the new Brazilian "General Data Protection Law and Fundraising - Questions and Answers", which analyzes the main changes to the law and answers several questions related to how the new law impacts fundraising.Digital rights are a new frontier of human rights. The Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF) raises awareness of the impact of technology on people and society. Through its global pro bono legal service, TrustLaw, TRF provides vital tools and resources to environmental, humanitarian and social organizations, including guidance on navigating the often uncharted and challenging territory of data regulation and legislation.In August 2018, Brazil passed a General Data Protection Regulation, lei Nº 13.709, which became effective in September 2020. This new law impacts the work of civil society organizations in Brazil, who are in need of guidance as to how the law affects them, their fundraising strategies and their communications with donors.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Filantropia Colaborativa

October 13, 2020

O terceiro volume da série "Temas do Investimento Social" aborda o conceito de Filantropia Colaborativa, ou seja, formas de colaboração que têm como pré-requisito a participação de no mínimo dois atores da filantropia com envolvimento de recursos financeiros em pelo menos uma das seguintes esferas: colaboração na mobilização ou colaboração na coordenação, alocação e/ ou gestão de recursos financeiros privados para produção de bem público. A publicação busca, assim, apresentar um panorama sobre o desenvolvimento de novas arquiteturas que permitem e contribuem com o aprofundamento dos modos de ação coletiva e colaborativa no setor, além de debater os limites e desafios e apontar caminhos para um aprofundamento qualificado das formas de colaboração no campo da filantropia e do investimento social.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Unlocking Philanthropy's Potential - Spanish Version

September 29, 2020

Esta guía es para todos los financiadores, donantes o inversores sociales que desean comprender cómo pueden contribuir a liberar el potencial de la filantropía para construir sociedades más resilientes, sustentables y democráticas. Esa es, al final, la tarea del ecosistema de apoyo a la filantropía, también conocido como infraestructura filantrópica. Se trata de desarrollar y aprovechar los recursos privados para el bien social, para la sociedad civil y la democracia y ayudar al alcance de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS). Este ecosistema es fundamental para la misión de todos los financiadores visionarios que desean aumentar el impacto y la sostenibilidad de su trabajo.English:This guide is for all funders who wish to understand how they can contribute to unlocking philanthropy's potential to build more resilient, sustainable and democratic societies. This is what the philanthropy support ecosystem, also called philanthropy infrastructure, is all about. It is about developing and harnessing private resources for social good, building civil society and democracy, and helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is central to the mission of all visionary funders who want to increase the impact and sustainability of their work.

Enabling environment and civic space; Latin America and the Caribbean; Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure

For a More Giving Brazil, Always

August 26, 2020

How to promote the culture of giving in Brazil? How to engage new players and organize an ecosystem towards a collective effort for the cause? These are the questions the members of the Movement for a Culture of Giving (Movimento por uma Cultura de Doação) have asked themselves, and which have inspired the launch of the Task Force that has prepared these Guidelines. As the result of a carefully conducted listening and research process, this document provides indications on the pathways that seem to be key for everyone who wishes to foster a stronger and more qualified culture of giving in Brazil.

Cultures of Giving; Latin America and the Caribbean

Por um Brasil + Doador, Sempre

August 26, 2020

Como promover a cultura de doação no Brasil? Como engajar novos atores e articular este ecossistema para um esforço coletivo por esta causa? Essas são as perguntas que movem o Movimento por uma Cultura de Doação e que inspiraram a criação da Força Tarefa, berço deste Documento de Diretrizes. Após estudos e escutas, foi possível entender o panorama de doação no país e indicar caminhos fundamentais para uma cultura de doação ainda mais forte e qualificada.

Cultures of Giving; Latin America and the Caribbean

Filantropía y Cambio Sistémico: Transformándo-nos para transformar realidades en América Latina

June 1, 2020

El Grupo Regional para la Filantropía Latinoamericana GRF LatAm se complace compartir la publicación "Filantropía y Cambio Sistémico: Transformando-nos para transformar realidades en Latinoamérica".El documento proporciona una mirada práctica sobre los elementos consustanciales a una intervención de cambio sistémico ilustrando, con algunas experiencias, cómo éstos se relacionan y subrayando caminos para su abordaje.

Enabling environment and civic space; Latin America and the Caribbean; Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure

Hacia un nuevo marco legal para las donaciones en Chile: análisis comparado entre Chile, América Latina, OCDE

May 19, 2020

El presente estudio revisa la legislación de Chile en comparación con países con alto nivel de desarrollo de filantropía miembros de la OCDE y países de América Latina. A la luz del diagnóstico que existe respecto de las dificultades que plantea el marco legal chileno, disperso en múltiples legislaciones incongruentes entre ellas, este estudio permite comprender cómo estos diferentes países tratan elementos fundamentales de un marco legal que facilite el desarrollo de la filantropía. Así, en esta publicación es posible vislumbrar cómo los países han avanzado hacia marcos legales integrados en una Ley General de Filantropía, donde el criterio de bien público es central para determinar las instituciones donatarias y otorgar beneficios tributarios, donde se facilita la donación de la herencia y la constitución de endowments y donde la transparencia permite no sólo construir confianza entre los actores, sino también de cara a la opinión pública. El estudio revisa estos temas, destaca distintos casos y propone una serie de recomendaciones para modernizar el marco legal chileno, a partir de las lecciones derivadas del análisis comparativo tanto de países que cuentan con una práctica filantrópica robusta como de países de la región con un ethos histórico cultural y económico compartido.

Enabling environment and civic space; Latin America and the Caribbean

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