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Public-Private Partnerships for Social Good: Rethinking PPPs

July 2, 2021

There is a growing trend in Asia of governments and the private sector coming together to address social needs, and our latest study spotlights these "public-private partnerships for social good." With 88% of top business leaders in Asia believing such partnerships will become even more common over the next five years, it is more important than ever to understand what they are and how they work. This study conducted an in-depth analysis of 20 notable PPPs for social good spanning 11 Asian economies and 9 sectors to find out. The report showcases why this trend is taking root, what best-in-class PPPs for social good look like, and how they maximize impact.Read on to learn more about the 6 strategies that enable public-private partnerships for social good to achieve greater impact, how they can prepare for sustainability, and how they can navigate risks.

Asia-Pacific; Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Investment: The Pillars of Stronger Foundation Practice

July 8, 2020

Investment: The Pillars of Stronger Foundation Practice is the fifth report emerging from ACF's Stronger Foundations initiative. It sets out seven characteristics of excellent practice, which include prioritising mission when setting investment objectives, holding investment managers to account, and seeking to influence the investment behaviour of others. Informed by 18 months' gathering evidence, the report also emphasises the role of each and every trustee in engaging with the foundation's investments, and seeks to demystify investments by providing clear explanations and examples. It also highlights the importance of seeking a wide range of views, ensuring diverse voices are heard and learning from peers in the foundation sector and beyond. It complements previous reports from the Stronger Foundations initiative which encourage foundations to consider using 'all the tools in their toolbox' to achieve impact.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Advancing Human Rights Annual Review of Global Foundation Grantmaking: 2017 Key Findings

June 25, 2020

With limited resources and immense challenges, now more than ever human rights grantmakers and advocates are asking critical questions about the human rights funding landscape: Where is the money going? What are the gaps? Who is funding what? The Advancing Human Rights research tracks the evolving state of human rights philanthropy by collecting and analyzing grants data to equip funders and advocates to make more informed and effective decisions. Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN) and Candid lead the research, in partnership with Ariadne–European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights, and Prospera–International Network of Women's Funds.In 2017, the research found that 849 foundations awarded 25,229 human rights grants totaling $3.2B to 13,819 recipients around the world, 28% of which was reported as flexible general support.

Cultures of Giving; Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy; Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Impact Investing in Asia: Overcoming Barriers to Scale

October 1, 2019

Impact Investing in Asia: Overcoming Barriers to ScaleWhile the Asian social investment ecosystem is maturing, growth is uneven and impact investment remains less developed here compared to the rest of the world. As a result, the impact investing industry in Asia remains less understood compared to its counterparts elsewhere.Against this backdrop, AVPN and GIIN have collaborated with Oliver Wyman and Marsh & McLennan Insights to explore the current characteristics of impact investing in the region, with special focus on China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines. This report captures the experiences and insights of stakeholders from the AVPN network who serve different roles within the broad impact investment ecosystem in Asia.Impact Investing in Asia: Overcoming Barriers to Scale serves as a resource for impact investors and other key stakeholders in Asia to better understand the growing industry within a regional context while providing key recommendations to develop the ecosystem further.For more information about AVPN:

Asia-Pacific; Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Foundations – A Good Deal For Society

July 1, 2019

This study investigates whether setting up a tax-exempt grant-making foundation pays off for society, or whether the process primarily provides tax breaks which ultimately benefit those who set up the foundation, without generating adequate added value for the public at large.

Europe; Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy; Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance; Tools, frameworks, effectiveness

Diversity & Inclusion in Corporate Social Engagement

December 7, 2018

With support from the Walmart Foundation, CECP led this year-long inquiry with the goal of identifying and sharing actionable insights and best practices that corporate leaders can learn from and apply in their own companies.The white paper lays out six key trends which includes case studies, latest knowledge, methods, and valuable insights. We hope this report will equip you and other corporate societal engagement (CSE) professionals to advance your company's corporate citizenship efforts to address issues of diversity and inclusion.This release comes in advance of the Day of Understanding on Friday, December 7th when leading businesses and organizations including CECP will host daylong discussions and activities on understanding differences, inclusive work cultures, and education in their respective companies.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

OECD 2018 Private Philanthropy for Development

April 2, 2018

The ground-breaking OECD data and analysis at the heart of this report captures previously non-existent global and comparable quantitative and qualitative assessment ofhow much and in what ways foundations support development. The report unpacks data and qualitative evidence on philanthropic resource flows for development purposes, priorities, implementation channels and relationships with other development actors.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Doing Good Index 2018: Maximizing Asia's Potential

January 19, 2018

The inaugural Doing Good Index examines the enabling environment for philanthropy and private social investment across 15 Asian economies. Composed of four areas–tax and fiscal policy, regulatory regimes, socio-cultural ecosystem, and government procurement–the Index reveals how Asian economies are catalyzing philanthropic giving.If the right regulatory and tax policies were in place, Asian philanthropists could give over US$500 billion, contributing to the US$1.4 trillion annual price tag needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.The Index serves as a unique and useful body of data for Asian governments, as well as for nonprofits, foundations and charities in Asia, to learn from each other. At a time when policy is evolving, the social sector is growing, and interest in philanthropy is rapidly developing, the DGI shows the potential for Asia to leapfrog and become a leader in social innovation.

Asia-Pacific; Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Financing for Social Impact – The Key Role of Tailored Financing and Hybrid Finance

November 1, 2017

How can venture philanthropy organisations, social investors and impact investors, improve the way they allocate resources to their investees?To answer this question the EVPA Knowledge Centre embarked on a nine-month journey with a group of over 30 experts. The result is the new EVPA report "Financing for Social Impact – The Key Role of Tailored Financing and Hybrid Finance", launched at the EVPA Annual Conference in Oslo on 9 November 2017. This new piece of research looks at how funding can be shaped in a way that meets the financial needs of the social purpose organisation (SPO) and at how different actors can collaborate in the VP/SI space to bring more resources to SPOs. EVPA has developed a three-step process to help VP/SI organisations find the most suitable financial instrument to support a SPO. The process is known as tailored financing and it is addressed in the first part of the report.The report also focuses on hybrid finance, which is defined as the allocation of financial resources to impact-oriented investments, combining different types of financial instruments and different types of risk/return/impact profiles of capital providers.One of the main conclusions of the report is that tailored financing and hybrid finance promote a more efficient and effective deployment of resources in the VP/SI space. They can represent a way to solve the existing funding gap that prevents SPOs from gaining access to the capital needed for achieving self-sustainability and for scaling.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Giving Around the Globe 2017 Edition

November 1, 2017

This year marks the fifth edition of Giving Around the Globe, a leading report that explores Corporate Societal Investment (CSI) insights and cross-regional strategies among the world's leading companies. The report is part of CECP's continued efforts to study worldwide trends and better understand how companies, whether headquartered in the US or internationally, are pursuing strategies to be a Force for Good.

Data and technology, Information and Communications; Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Scaling Solutions Toward Shifting Systems

October 1, 2017

This report marks the findings and recommendations RPA have so far in the process of encouraging funders to work in more collaborative ways to place longer-term, adaptive, and responsive resources with grantees and investees to accelerate scalable solutions that target systemic changes addressing pressing global problems. The input of dozens of funders, in addition to the perspectives of the organizations who receive grants and impact investments, was crucial in formulating the recommendations contained here.

Critical philanthropy and power; Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Global Exchange Network Map

October 1, 2017

The CECP Global Exchange seeks to generate momentum for corporate societal engagement by:Driving thought leadership on global topics with multi-organizational input, including key CSR regulatory issues and requirementsExchanging insights across organizations on best practices in corporate societal engagement and providing tools to better support companiesContributing to and organizing meetings among local authorities & companiesFacilitating connections between companies and local authorities around the world

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance; Multi-stakeholder collaboration and SDGs

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