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Illuminating Impact: Why Gender Matters for Funders in Any Issue Area

April 30, 2024

In 2021, The Bridgespan Group partnered with Shake the Table to investigate how funders could better support feminist movements. The resulting report, Lighting the Way: A Report for Philanthropy on the Power and Promise of Feminist Movements, helped funders understand why and how to channel philanthropic dollars into feminist movements. These powerhouses for social change remain a huge and largely untapped opportunity for philanthropy.With this report, they expand our scope to share practices that can help any funder in any field increasingly consider gender in their grantmaking. Gender-focused work is not just for "gender funders." It's for climate funders, education funders, health funders—any funder seeking to speed progress on the issues they care most about. 

Gender and Philanthropy

Círculo de herramientas para la integración de la perspectiva de género en el diseño, implementación y evaluación de proyectos comunitarios

June 1, 2023

The toolkit Círculo de herramientas para la integración de la perspectiva de género en el diseño, implementación y evaluación de proyectos comunitarios, was created through a collaborative process that integrates the visions, experiences, work and voice of fourteen women representatives of seven community foundations participating in COMUNALIA´s network. The tools guide a first step towards the integration of the gender perspective in the design, implementation, and evaluation of community projects.

Gender and Philanthropy; Latin America and the Caribbean

Construyendo el campo de la filantropía y la justicia de género en América Latina y el Caribe

October 18, 2022

"Incorporar la dimensión de género en la filantropía institucionallatinoamericana para invertir más y mejores recursos en los derechoshumanos de las mujeres y sus comunidades" es el objetivo general delproyecto en el cual se inscribe esta investigación, y este informe.El presente informe es el resultado de una investigación exploratoria cuyoobjetivo fue obtener un panorama lo más exhaustivo posible sobre lasituación actual del financiamiento de las organizaciones feministas y dederechos de las mujeres en América Latina y el Caribe.

Gender and Philanthropy; Latin America and the Caribbean

Filantropía con perspectiva de género: Manual para su implementación en América Latina y el Caribe

September 19, 2022

El Manual ha sido elaborado en el marco del proyecto regional "Mujeres, género yfilantropía en América Latina y el Caribe" desarrollado por ELLAS-Mujeres y Filantropía, en alianza con WINGS, Comunalia (México) y Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF). 

Gender and Philanthropy; Latin America and the Caribbean

Global Resources Report

June 8, 2022

This report documents over 15,000 grants awarded by499 foundations, intermediary NGOs, and corporations and by 17 donorgovernment and multilateral agencies. The report provides details on thedistribution of LGBTI funding by geography, issue, strategy, populationfocus, and donor type. It is a tool for identifying trends, gaps, andopportunities in the rapidly changing philanthropic and developmentlandscapes

Gender and Philanthropy

La philanthropie dans une optique d’égalité des sexes: un guide pratique à l’intention des fondations canadiennes

December 1, 2019

Que signifie pour une fondation de mettre en œuvre une perspective d'égalité des sexes à son travail? Ce guide d'octroi dans une perspective de genres fait partie d'une série d'outils et de ressources d'apprentissage afin de soutenir les fondations à intégrer une perspective genre dans leur travail. Le genre est un élément-clé de la diversité, de l'équité et de l'inclusion, puisque de plus en plus de fondations réfléchissent à l'impact de leurs subventions et font leur part pour œuvrer à l'équité sous toutes ses formes, y compris celle du genre.

Critical philanthropy and power; Gender and Philanthropy; North America

Gouvernance et dons : des approches pour accroître l’équité, la diversité et l’inclusion

December 1, 2019

Afin de soutenir les fondations dans leur parcours vers la diversité, l'équité et l'inclusion (ÉDI), FPC a créé cette boîte à outils afin de fournir des conseils et un accès à une large gamme d'outils et de ressources pour soutenir et approfondir l'engagement des fondations en faveur du bien social grâce à la diversité. , équité et inclusion.

Critical philanthropy and power; Gender and Philanthropy; North America; Race and Philanthropy

Gender-Lens Philanthropy: A practical guide for Canadian foundations

September 1, 2019

What does it mean to a foundation to apply a "gender lens" to their work? This gender-lens granting guide is part of a series of learning tools and resources to support foundations on how to apply a gender lens in their work. Gender is a key piece in the diversity, equity and inclusion puzzle as more foundations think about the impact of their grantmaking and doing its part in working towards equity in all forms, including gender.

Critical philanthropy and power; Gender and Philanthropy; North America

Philanthropy in Asia: Working Paper No.4 The Emergence of Chinese Women Philanthropists in Singapore, 1900-1945: The Sisterhoods of the "Sor Hei"

October 1, 2018

In the late 19th century, an extraordinary cohort of unmarried women left their native Chinese shores in groups called sisterhoods, to boldly carve out a life for themselves in distant lands. They did this to earn their own money and be mistresses of their own fates.Many of these brave women were determined not to be forced into marriage and while remaining celibate became Sor Hei, meaning "those who bun up their hair" (the hallmark of married women). In sworn sisterhoods, the Sor Hei found work in the British colonies of Singapore and Hong Kong and became icons in Singapore social history as Samsui por (construction workers) and Amahs (domestic helpers).This paper briefly examines how these humble women broke new economic and social ground for Chinese women. It explains why they left Canton to live in the British colonies, and how they survived in these alien lands. It also examines the social constructs and networks that they evolved for their own community, as single women living within larger overseas Chinese migrant groups. We also trace how their financial independence enabled them to become among the first Chinese women diaspora philanthropists.

Asia-Pacific; Gender and Philanthropy

Transformational Impact: U.S. Foundation Funding for Trans Communities

February 1, 2015

This report broadly covers funding for transgender communities by U.S. foundations between2011 and 2013, some of which includes funding specifically targeted towards transgendergirls and women, transgender boys and men, and gender non-conforming andgenderqueer people. We have devoted separate sections to funding for trans issues in theU.S. and funding for trans issues globally as well as a section on intersex funding. For a fullreview of our research methods, please see the methodology section.

Gender and Philanthropy; North America

Vital Funding: Investing in LGBTQ Health and Wellbeing

January 22, 2015

This report assesses the scale and character of foundation funding for the health and well-being of LGBTQ communities. Drawing on the data collected for annual tracking reports on LGBTQ funding, we find that domestic foundation funding for LGBTQ health totaled $50.4 million for 2011 - 2013. Considering the magnitude of the health disparities facing LGBTQ communities, this is a fairly modest amount -- and it is highly dependent on a small set of dedicated funders. When it comes to LGBTQ health, we face daunting challenges, but we also have impressive assets to build on. As a community and as a movement, we have time and again demonstrated our ability to come together to support one another, to advocate for ourselves, and to build lasting institutions. Across the country, there are hundreds of LGBTQ community centers, health centers, and HIV/AIDS service agencies, and other community groups advancing LGBTQ health. There are also a growing number of non-LGBTQ-focused institutions -- from hospitals to research centers -- seeking to improve their competence, expertise, and effectiveness in working with LGBTQ communities.

Gender and Philanthropy

The Road Map to $200 Million: The strategic Plan for Increasing Foundation Funding for LGBTQ Issues

January 1, 2015

This is a strategic plan for increasing foundation funding for LGBT Issues, 2015- 2017.

Gender and Philanthropy

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