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Private Social Investment Trends in Latin America

March 14, 2011

This publication, coordinated by Institute for Development of Social Investment (IDIS) in Brazil, brings to the public the debates of the International Seminar on Social Investment in Latin America, in 2007. IDIS experience can contribute to the debate on the issue of social investment. Since its founding in 1999, more than 100 clients in Brazil and Latin America were guided by our Institute.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance; Latin America and the Caribbean

Tendências do Investimento Social Privado na América Latina

March 14, 2011

Essa publicação, coordenada pelo Institute for Development of Social Investment (IDIS) no Brasil, traz ao leitor o debate do Seminário Internacional de Investimento Social na América Latina, de 2007. A experiência do IDIS com investimento social contribui de maneira significativa para o debate. Desde sua fundação, em 1999, mais de 100 clientes no Brasil e América Latina foram guiados pelo Instituto.

Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

Tendencias de la Inversión Social Privada en Latino América

March 14, 2011

Esta publicación, coordinada por el Instituto para el Desarrollo de la Inversión Social (IDIS) en Brasil lleva al lector el debate del Seminario Internacional de Inversión Social en América Latina, 2007. La experiencia de IDIS con la inversión social contribuye de manera significativa al debate. Desde su fundación en 1999, más de 100 clientes en Brasil y América Latina fueron guiados por el Instituto.

Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy; Impact investment, corporate, blended-finance

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