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Foundation Communications: The Grantee Perspective

February 1, 2006

Foundation Communications: The Grantee Perspective reveals the key components of effective foundation communications with grantees. Based on analyses of thousands of grantee surveys, this issue paper argues for a more holistic approach to foundation communications than is often practiced today. This report highlights best practices and provides practical management implications for foundation leaders.

Family, HNWI, and independent philanthropy

Listening to Grantees: What Nonprofits Value in Their Foundation Funders

April 1, 2004

What do nonprofits really think of foundations? This report draws on CEP's Spring 2003 round of surveying 3,200 grantees of 30 of the largest foundations in the U.S. The report reveals what really matters to nonprofits -- and what doesn't -- in their relationships with their foundation funders. It also details implications for foundation leadership and program staff.

Philanthropy ecosystems and infrastructure

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